Drainage Solutions

Water drainage is a complete engineering which is gaining importance with external and internal drainage requirements in commercial buildings , hotels , hospitals , schools , university campuses etc. We provide reliable & realistic solutions to drainage problems with products which are engineered to meet the challenges of major projects .

We provide products like polymer concrete pre casted surface drains which can be combined to form an effective drainage systems suitable for traffic segments like cycling/pedestrians to high load class such as aircraft landing strips at airports etc.

Plastic drain lines , stainless steel channel gratings , access covers , kerb drains are also available to support the project requirements .

Product Profile

Shower channels , modular polymer concrete surface drain system solutions for upto class F ( aircraft handling load ) , precast kerb drains , slot drains , grass grids , engineered high precision access covers , gravity roof gullies , SS floor gullies , designer SS gratings , kitchen channels and gratings in stainless steel .