Water Treatment

Water irrespective of any source ground , surface , sea , municipal etc require treatment before it can be used for end application . Pretreatment systems can include various types of equipment to remove color, suspended solids, dissolved solids and other contaminants harmful to the pure water treatment system . And today, more than ever, seawater is becoming a growing source of water supply as others are diminishing .

GMGR provides solutions for raw water treatment from a basic filteration system to technical advanced membrane technologies like Ultrafilteration , Nanofilteration & Reverse Osmosis . The treatment package is designed by combining the technologies to provide cost effective , sustainable, eco friendly solutions suiting end use requirements of the customer .

Product Profile

multigrade sand filters , activated carbon filters , softening units , deminerlisers , dealkalisers , clarifiers , reverse osmosis plants , nano filteration , ultra filteration etc